Waves, Birds and Beaches at the Three Bays in Diego Suarez

Three Bays in Diego Suarez

The Three Bays of Diego Suarez at the northern tip of Madagascar, are lapped throughout the year by stunning waves. Water sports like kitesurfing and surfing are perfect there.

The Sakalava Bay offers the best-known spot for windsurfers but if you are just starting in one of these disciplines, there are usually good conditions for those who are less expert..

Three Bays in Diego Suarez

The Bay of Pigeons is the perfect place to listen to the symphony of nature.

The songs of birds and the lapping waves enchant this place. In July, you can come to the Bay of Dunes to observe sea turtles coming to the secluded beach to lay their eggs away from predators. 

But wherever you go in the Three Bays, you will find dream beaches, emerald seas and  idyllic landscapes.

This article was published in Prime Magazine December 2016

Useful Information


When to go

Diego Suarez enjoys a dry tropical climate which has two distinct seasons: the southern summer and the southern winter. The rainy season usually runs from November to mid-April. The best time to stay and enjoy the sun and sea at the Three Bays is from mid-April until October.


How to get there

From Antananarivo, you can reach the city of Antsiranana by taxi brousse (the journey is very long, but it will allow you to enjoy the scenery). Diego Suarez is also accessible by air from Antananarivo or Reunion (in transit). To get to the Three Bays, you must go through the village of Ramena then follow the coastal road. Take the next fork and you will arrive at the bays.


Where to stay

Accommodation is available, in the Sakalava Bay at Mantasaly Ecolodge or spend the night at the Royal Sakalava. You may also choose to spend the night in Ramena. In this case, you can stay at the Badamera Park, the Lakana Hotel or at The Manguier.


Where to eat

Bring your picnic for the beaches of the Three Bays. You can also eat in the Sakalava Bay at Mantasaly Ecolodge or at Royal Sakalava. Also Ramena.


What to see

This region is rich in attractions. The monolith Windsor Castle, the Pain de Sucre or the Mountain of the French attract many visitors. If you love nature and discovery, opt for a guided tour of the Ankarana Reserve or the Red Tsingy Park.

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