Baie de Moromba-Welcome to Little Vietnam

Baie de Moromba-Welcome to Little Vietnam

Baobab trees growing on tiny islands, giant mushroom shaped rocks and beautiful coral are just some of the attractions of Madagascar's 'Bay of Halong'.

The Bay of Moramba, with its strange sandstone rock formations, is nicknamed Madagascar's 'Bay of Halong’. In this extraordinarily beautiful spot, you will find baobab trees growing on tiny islands that look out over the pristine waters of the bay. At low tide, you can marvel at the giant mushroom-shaped rocks with their base eroded away, defying the laws of physics. You wonder how they manage to remain standing.

This stunning natural site is situated off the north-west coast of Madagascar, between Nosy Be and Mahajanga and can be reached from these two places. Here, you can indulge in a number of activities: diving, fishing, island-hopping or simply lazily sailing along. The ecosystem includes numerous multi-coloured fish, lemurs, parrots and fish-eagles. As you sail around, you will gaze in wonder at the beautiful corals growing close to the surface and you may well be lucky enough to spot a shoal or two of swordfish. The association of the emerald green of the palm trees, the deeper colour of the mangrove and the ochre-coloured earth gives a spectacular depth to the landscape. There is often a gentle breeze blowing through the region, adding to its charm.

Baie de Moromba-Welcome to Little Vietnam

A specific characteristic of the village is that fishing for shrimps and prawns is an activity reserved for the women. A visit to the Bay of Moramba is always a true delight.

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Useful Information


When to go

The north-west of Madagascar has a tropical climate: hot all the year round with a rainy season from December to March. The most appropriate period for visiting the bay is between April and November.


How to get there

This heavenly spot can only be reached from the sea. From Nosy Be, sail through the Baie des Russes, the Radama archipelago and Nosy Lava. The bay is more easily accessible from Analalava or Mahajanga. The airline Air Madagascar/ Tsaradia runs flights to Nosy Be and Mahajanga from Antananarivo.


Where to stay

For a stay of several days, tour operators propose packages, but it is also possible to bivouac on the beach or sleep on board the boat taking you there. The Lodge des Terres Blanches in Mahajanga is situated at the southern end of the bay.


Where to eat

Seafood, ‘the captain’s grill’, shrimps or prawns are proposed by the villagers.


What to see

As well as taking a trip in a dugout or sailing boat, you can walk around the bay to discover other sites. The view over the whole bay from the peaks of the sandstone formations is spectacular. You can also explore the nearby islands, the Baie des Russes and its history, the four Radama islands and their lush vegetation, as well as the mysterious Island of Nosy Lava.

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