Ankify is the gateway to the idyllic town of Nosy Be. It is located 18 kilometres from the city of Ambanja, 838 kilometres from the capital. It is the seaside resort where economic and tourist actors meet, who travel to or from Nosy Be. A commercial hub that represents a major economic challenge for the Northern region of Madagascar. On average, more than 200 passengers and about 40 tons of goods are passing through there every day.
Improvements have recently been made in the port and accommodation facilities have been put in place. Ankify now sports a new face with organisation and safety are the keywords.
In addition to the pier, the Royal Palace is a proud and imposing structure in Ankify. Built in 1882, it is located in the centre of the village of Doany, a quiet village where it is good to live, away from the bustle of the port. This royal palace was the home of the Sakalava Kings, testifying of a tumultuous history since the reign of Boanamaka until that of Tsariaso III, who rehabilitated it by ignoring the traditional taboo that Tsariaso I. had found death there. Normally the severe Sakalava rites would prohibit a leader to rebuild, live and even enter the residence of a predecessor who died there because the house would then be considered stained by death and soil the royal body.
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Useful Information


When to go

The best months to go to Ankify are the months from April to December, with an average temperature of 27° C. Boat transfers mostly take place in the morning when the sea is still calm. Nevertheless, motor boats can make the trip in one afternoon.


How to get there

On the road from the capital Antananarivo, it takes about a day and a half to reach Ankify. The landscapes are pleasant to view, but the roads are not always in prime condition. Recently, cyclone Eliakim has left considerable impacts. It is therefore necessary to be well informed before leaving.


Where to stay

The restaurant "Baobab" and other nice little places line the quays and offer appetisers based on local products and mostly seafood. Otherwise, the hotel-restaurants are always an option.


Where to eat

"Ankify Lodge" is well located amidst the trees in the village of Doany, while "Baobab Hotel", with its bungalows, is located by the sea. We also offer "The Gardens of Ankify" to the environment dominated by shades of blue and green sea and exuberant forest.


What to see

Ankify is a place with many faces. Apart from the harbour and the quiet village of Doany, it is the habitat an amazing exotic fauna (indiscriminately camouflaged chameleons and rainbow frogs), lush fauna (majestic palms and orchids), and includes two beaches with exceptional panorama on the background of paradise islands on the horizon.

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