Androadroatra, the gentle waterfall

Madagascar is full of relaxing places and those of the north are the most striking. It is in an unsuspected part of the island, that is located the Androadroatra waterfall, a location little known to the Malagasy people. 621 kilometres separate it from Antananarivo, the capital of the country. It is in a small village where the welcome will be warmest, as the locals would like you to discover the Androadroatra waterfall . The ride is most pleasant and the surroundings of the waterfall are lush. The best is for the end: the gentle Androadroatra waterfall that flows into a lake where swimming is very relaxing.
It is important to note that the site is considered sacred by its location. It is a place of worship for the Sakalava. Also, even if swimming is allowed, is it important to learn about the taboos before making oneself comfortable, because to oppose them would be, according to the natives, a cause for a curse.
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Useful Information


When to go

Androadroatra has a savannah climate with dry winters and hot, rainy summers. The average temperature is 27 ° C. The best times to travel to Androadroatra are from April to November.


How to get there

Regular flight to Nosy Be from the capital. In addition, the island is often subject to stopovers to reach Antananarivo. Nosy Be Airport is the nearest airport to Androadroatra village. From Nosy Be, just before the junction for Ambatolaoka, take the route to the distillery. Then, take the small bridge after the ponds to continue to the Hassanaly ylang ylang and sugar cane development. The waterfall is after a fork to the south, once the hangars have been passed.


Where to stay

Several hotels including the hotel "Belle Plage", with sea view, ideal for lovers. The "Vanila Hotel", "Nosy Be Hotel & Spa" and the hotel "Ravintsara WELLNESS & SPA" are also recommended.


Where to eat

If you are looking for fine dining, choose the restaurants of the hotel "Andilana Beach Resort" and "Nosy Be Hotel & Spa". For typical Malagasy cuisine, go to "Chez Loulou".


What to see

After your excursion to the Androadroatra waterfall, go to the Hassanaly plantations. Exoticism assured with the unique scents of ylang ylang and sugar cane. Ambatolaoka is lively at night and it is to discover.

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