Refresh at the Bons pères’ Waterfall Ambobaka

For an unforgettable holiday, make a stopover in the village of Ambobaka. Located in the heart of the Diana region in the North of Madagascar, this village is a paradise for researchers and scientists, but also for trekking lovers. Put on your equipment and get ready for a breathtaking adventure!
It’s after crossing by bike the huge cocoa plantations of Ambanja and small villages bordering Sambirano top that you will reach the village of Ambobaka. This village of the old- world is known as a center place of traditional medicine. A line of healers perpetuates the expertise inherited from their ancestors to this day. Here, no medicine or chemical process is used to treat patients. Traditional-practitioners use plants and massage techniques to relieve and heal injuries or fractures. A botanical garden set up by the association of the villagers is open to visitors.
At the end of your stopover in Ambobaka, embark on a canoe and cross the Ramena River, the Red River, to reach the waterfall of the Good Fathers. The constant animation along the river contributes to the charm of the journey. The children who play or the washing machines that throw their clothes on the rocks make up a colorful spectacle to immortalize. When you reach the waterfall, take a head in the natural bathtubs or refresh yourself under the waterfall!
This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2017

Useful Information


When to go

Ambobaka enjoys a savannah climate with intermittent rains almost throughout the year. The month of July is the driest. The average temperature is 27°C.


How to get there

Before going to Ambobaka, it is necessary to stop in Ambanja. This capital of the Sambirano Valley is only accessible by car. Take the taxi bush from Antananarivo, or rent a car for more comfort, and follow the National road N°6 for approximate 850 km. From Ambanja, continue to bike for 18 km on an earthy road to get to Ambobaka.


Where to stay

There are no accommodation facilities in Ambobaka. For your stay, choose the hotel Palma Nova, Chez Claire, the Bungalow Hermès, the hotel Patricia or the Timonière in Ambanja.


Where to eat

For your breakfast, choose the restaurant of your hotel, Chez Patricia or the restaurant Nirvana Marcellin in Ambanja. For lunch, the picnic is the best alternative since no hotel establishment is available on the spot.


What to see

In the Sambirano’s Valley, cocoa, vanilla and clove plantations make up a large part of the landscape. The rice fields are also part of the panorama. In the vicinity of Ambobaka, many villages are worth a visit, including Andranomandevy with its thermal spring and its perfect swamp for bird watching. Discover also the sacred sites like the island of Nosy Faly, the sacred lake of Anjavimilay and Ambohidravy’s massif.

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