Wake up and smell the Vanilla in-Sambava

Wake up and smell the Vanilla in-Sambava

It is as though everything had deliberately conspired to retain visitors in this area. The fields of crops
compete with the beauty of the lakes, the number of plant species vies with the number of typical
villages. All this against the sound of the throbbing yellow tuk-tuks (motorised rickshaws), an
economical and very typical form of transport, found everywhere in the streets of the town. Not to
forget the extraordinary beaches, generally very calm, fringed with palm trees and ideal for family
picnics. Nothing is lacking for Sambava to become a truly cosmopolitan town, since many visitors,
once here, decide to settle. We can also mention the harmony reigning between the different groups
of the population.

Lying at the mouth of the confluence of four rivers (which explains its name, since ‘Saha am-bava’ is a
contraction of ‘saha am-bava vinany’, meaning ‘valley leading to the mouth of a river’. Sambava is
known for being the main producer of vanilla in Madagascar. The sweet subtle fragrance floats over
the town, particularly in the last quarter of the year.

A blessed land if ever there was one, with various species of fruit, mainly tropical, growing there all
the year round: lychees, mangoes, pineapples, oranges and avocados. If you are lucky enough to visit
the town on a Tuesday, market day, you will be able to taste all the delicious local varieties. Situated
in the popular neighbourhood of Antaimby, this highly-coloured event is an essential starting point
for tourists and photographers, an opportunity to immerse yourself in the town's typical tropical
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