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Every part of Madagascar has a little corner of paradise that deserves to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Who could resist the temptation of sea, precious stones and an absolutely fascinating culture? Vohémar is the ideal destination to experience these treasures and to learn more about popular Malagasy traditions.
The fragrance of vanilla wafts above all the streets of the town, casting a spell on visitors. The destination offers a truly peaceful stay in a tropical climate. However, there is not only the fragrance of vanilla: precious stones are also objects of desire in this part of the island. Once transformed, these wonders of nature are of such extraordinary beauty that it is difficult to leave without buying
at least one or simply taking photos of them
Referred to as ‘Iharana’ in Malagasy, Vohémar is situated in the Sava region, in the north east of Madagascar. It has the only port equipped to handle intense commercial activity. This part of the area is known above all for the extensive cattle-raising (zebu), so do not be surprised to come across a zebu or two along the road!
This article was featured in Prime Magazine April 2019

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