Explore the caves of Tsingy de Mahaloka

If you go northwest of the island, make a stopover at Ambilobe. 22 km from this city is one of the most outstanding sites of the Diana region: the Tsingy of Mahaloka. Discover the remains of its caves and the history behind them.
The word tsingy comes from the Malagasy word "mitsingitsingy" which means to walk on tiptoe, a name that comes from the sharp shape of the stones. The word "Mahaloka" means, which gives shade; indeed, visitors can put themselves in the shade of the sun alongside the tsingy. According to the story, the caves found in the mahaloka tsingy served as shelters to escape the enemies. The rifles and the pots found on the site testify of this past, where certain ethnic groups were persecuted. 800m long, some of these caves have since become cemeteries. On the site, the descendants of kings and their relatives come to make offerings and to ask for the blessing of ancestors.
The beauty of the place is not only the caves; the fauna and flora are lush. You can see birds, lemurs and even bats. Also enjoy stalagmites and stalactites of tsingy, forged by time. A small lake is on the site, but it is forbidden to swim there. In the evening, at the top of the tsingy, admire the sunset and the panoramic view.
Be aware that the caves are open to visitors from April to November 15, and closed every Tuesday (forbidden day). The place is closed during the rainy seasons, that is to say between the months of March and December.
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Useful Information


When to go

With its savannah climate, Ambilobe enjoys the heat throughout the year. Winters are dry and rainfall averages 1280.1mm per year. The average temperature is estimated at 27 ° C. To make the most of your holidays on-site, plan your stay between the months of May and October.


How to get there

Located in the Diana region, Ambilobe is about a 12-hour drive from Antananarivo. This city does not have an airport, so it is only accessible by car. However you can fly to Diégo-Suarez and reach Ambilobe by bush taxi or rental car. The trip will take you about 1h 30 to travel 137 kms.


Where to stay

During your stopover in Ambilobe, put down your suitcases in one of the beautiful and comfortable hotels of the city. Count among others the hotel Diana Laidama Ambilobe, the Floridas Eden Ambilobe, the hotel Chez Noor and the National Hotel.


Where to eat

Most of Ambilobe's accommodation sites have a catering service. However, you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious food elsewhere as in the Mahavavy Paradise.


What to see

Ambilobe is full of exceptional sites worth visiting. Lake Antanavo, the Ankarana National Park, the Dadilahy waterfall ... many must-see sights.

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