The green lake. A hidden beauty rich in stories.

The Green Lake or "sacred lake of Andranotsara" is located seven kilometres south of the city of Vohémar, northeast of Madagascar. It is a rich lake side fauna and flora but also for the legends it conveys. Two good reasons to go and discover this site...
If its green colour was once a mystery to the natives, the secret of its hue was demystified by the scientists: the light green shade is caused by the Chlorophyll of uncountable microscopic algae hovering in the water, which reflect the sunlight. This optical phenomenon is the most spectacular when the sun is at its zenith – beautiful! Furthermore lake is full of flora and fauna (including oxpeckers, small waders that rest on the bodies of some mammals), fishes and crocodiles that can be observed from mid-afternoon until sunset.

Beyond the beauty of the place, the history of the lake is legendary. It is about an enclave village where a thirsty person, coming from afar, asked in several houses to drink and was refused water. The person then answered: "There will come a time when there will always be water in your village". And the village was flooded and became a lake. The villagers became crocodiles. For no one can refuse water without committing a sacrilege.

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Useful Information


When to go

The lake is located in the northeastern region of Madagascar where rainfalls are abundant and reach their peak in February and March, thus it is best to avoid these two months.


How to get there

From the city of Vohémar, it is accessed along the beach (about three hours of walking). By car, follow the RN5A and turn off to the hills at a village called "Antanambaon'Ankirikirika". From there access to the lake is very easy.


Where to stay

In Vohémar you can stay at the hotel "La Baie d'Iharana", or at the hotel "Galaxy Vohémar".


Where to eat

In the restaurants of the hotels mentioned above (European and Malagasy specialties) or in the restaurant "Paradisia" for a more regional cuisine.


What to see

Take the lakeside road, at the junction the un-tarmacked road leads to a cliff. Be careful, the slope is dangerous, but the panoramic view is splendid. We can see the Indian Ocean and the Manambery River. Crossing the beach of the Green Lake (thirty minutes), we reach the mouth between sea and river where the beach is absolutely beautiful.

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