The coconut plantation of the Sambava Soavoanio

Stopover at the coconut plantation of the Sambava Soavoanio
If you arrive on Sambava by plane, you will not miss to fly over the huge coconut plantations of SOAVOANIO before landing at the airport of the city. Indeed, the industrial coconut grove of SOAVOANIO Company, covers a total surface of 5000 hectares, which extends on both sides of the city of Sambava on a distance of 60kms bordering the Indian Ocean. It should be noted that the establishment of the coconut plantation has made it possible to reforest and valorize more than 2,500 Ha of bare savanna grounds and thus to improve the climatological environment of the region (contribution of a regular rainfall thanks to the evapotranspiration rejected by all the trees of this large coconut grove).
SOAVOANIO currently produces more than 12 million coconuts a year. Thanks to its "seed field" or "grain garden" of 47 Ha, SOAVOANIO is also able to provide high-performance hybrid seed kernels derived from the cross between dwarf coconut trees (from Malaysia) and large coconut trees (Greater West Africa). The hybrid coconut plants bear their first nuts at the age of 4 (compared to 7 to 10 years for traditional coconut trees). The kernel of the harvested nuts, transformed into copra after oven drying, is used to extract coconut oil used in the food and cosmetic industries. In addition, the by-products (coconut wood, fibers, nutshells ...) are recycled to become handicrafts that are currently highly valued by tourists.

The very appealing activities on the emasculation of the "male flowers" of the coconut palms and the transformations of the coconut, make the visit of the coconut grove of SOAVOANIO, a must-visit agro-touristic trip for any stay in Sambava.

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Useful Information


When to go

Sambava has an equatorial climate and also has a high rainfall. Even in the driest month there is high rainfall. The average temperature in Sambava is 25.4 ° C. To go there, the month of June until the month of November is the ideal. For the visit to the site, in the morning from 8h 30am to 12h (in order to see the various activities related to the exploitation of the coconut), from Monday to Friday.


How to get there

The regular flight of Air Madagascar from the capital to Sambava. As soon as you land, you will be able to hear the song of the coconut trees.


Where to stay

The hotel LAS PALMAS awaits you and opens its doors for visitors; the tour of Coconut Soavoanio is already registered in the directory of the hotel.


Where to eat

To eat, you could eat at the restaurant of Las Palmas Hotel. Other restaurants offer the specialities of the SAVA region such as Orchidée Beach and Mimi Restaurant.


What to see

Do not forget to visit the Bemarivo River - a 180-minute descent to discover the exotic products of the SAVA region such as coffee, cocoa, cloves, pepper, cinnamon and especially vanilla.

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