Escape to the bay of Sainte-Luce!

The bay of Saint-Luce, known in the past as Manafiafy, is a charming fishermen village located about fifty kilometers away from the city of Fort-Dauphin. This small piece of land with a rare beauty will make you dream during your visit to this region
Saint-Luce played a major role in the progression of France on the sea route to India. The first Frenchmen who came to the bay of Saint-Luce landed in 1638 on the Saint-Alexis ship, which was owned by François Cauche. Four years later, in 1642, the colonial administrator, Jacques Pronis (who was also aboard the Saint-Alexis) settled the first French trading post in the region. The members of this colony then moved to Fort-Dauphin, which they thought was more healthful.
Apart from its historical past, Saint-Luce is the ideal destination for sun-lovers in a heavenly place. Walk barefoot on the beach or treat yourself in a swimming session into the cool water of the bay! Use the landscape – emerald sea, coves and small filao forest by the sea shores – as background for your shooting session.
Your meeting with the local population will be very enriching. These people who live from lobster’s fishery will share their daily lives with you. Ask them to embark in their dugout canoe and learn about artisanal fishing! In short, your stay in Saint-Luce will be pure happiness.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine July 2017

Useful Information


When to go

With an average temperature of 23.8 °C, Saint-Luce, like the rest of the region, enjoys a very pleasant climate. To ensure that your trip to Manafiafy takes place in the best conditions, we advise you to schedule your trip between June and November.


How to get there

You can reach the capital of Anosy on a road trip or by plane. From Fort-Dauphine to reach Sainte- Luce, follow the RN12A towards Vangaindrano, then make a right at the junction located at the 34 th kilometer. You will reach your destination after 2 hours.


Where to stay

In Saint-Luce, you can spend pleasant nights at the Hôtel Lavasoa** and Hotel Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge*** (Madagascar Classic Camping). You can however go back to Fort-Dauphin to rest. Hotel Azura & Spa*** offers you a home worthy of a little prince.


Where to eat

For your meals, prefer a lunch and a dinner at the hotel instead! Otherwise bring a picnic basket!


What to see

Take advantage of your stay to visit the nearby sites! You will succumb to the charm of the peninsula of Evatraha and its beautiful beaches. It is also a well-known site for kitesurfing. Lokaro can also satisfy your desires to change of scene. For history lovers, prefer a visit to Fort Flacourt or the Portuguese Fort. This monument is a witness of Fort-Dauphin’s colonial past.Sainte Luce Reserve is managed by a local non-profit association in Tuléar - Association FILANA BP 319 Sainte-Luce, Toliara, Madagascar - 034 66 649 76

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