A piece of paradise: Saïadi Park in Fort Dauphin

Saïadi Park in Fort Dauphin

Already since 1938 protected, the Saïadi Park is located 5 km from Fort Dauphin on the RN 12A. It covers 40 hectares and benefits from an extraordinary botanical and animal diversity.

We find a multitude of endemic species such as orchids, nepenthes (carnivorous plants), ravinalas (traveler's trees), pandanus, and palms. 

On arrival you can opt for a guided tour or discover the nature according to your ownpreference.

The unique character of this park is the presence of network of canalsforming islets inmidst, perfect for lemur observation.

Five species are preserved, including the Lemur catta (Maki), the Eulémurs Collaris (Gidro), the Hapalémurs, the Microcèbes and the Chirogales. To get closer, canoes and paddles are available.

Different circuits are proposed, putting the curious in harmony with natural wilderness, regardless of age.

Saïadi Park in Fort Dauphin

It is possible during the visit (count several hours), to meet crocodiles, turtles, chameleons and stick insects – safely. 

Alone or in a group, your botanical and animal knowledge will be enriched. 

This haven of peace and tranquility is open all year and you might like to bring your camera with you.

 This article was published in Prime Magazine June 2018

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