Sail to the Island of Nosy Ve, the Bird Island

Lokaro Bay

You have probably heard about Nosy Be but never Nosy Ve. The first is also known as  the Island of Perfumes, the second as Bird Island.

Five kilometres off the coastal village of Anakao (south of Toliara) there is this small piece of paradise called Nosy Ve. To come here you have to sail by canoe or boat. It's known as 'Bird Island' because it is home to a colony of endemic birds, red-tailed phaetons or 'straws in tail'. Nosy Ve is the only breeding site for this species.

In the peace and quiet the sound of the waves adds to the songs of the birds (herons, egrets, seagulls) composing nature's relaxing music score. The beauty of the azure blue sky, the white sand, the beach and its shells as well as the turquoise water leave visitors speechless.

The lagoon is good for diving and there are, also, kitesurfing spots around Nosy Ve.

Lokaro Bay

Historically, Nosy Ve served as a refuge for pirates and then for traders. It later became the site of the first French administration of the south west coast of Madagascar. 

Today Nosy Ve is left to fishermen and to the tourists who can be dropped off for a few hours on this exceptional beautiful island.

Useful Information


When to go

Avoid journeying to Nosy Ve during severe weather otherwise you would be forced to stay on the island if storms do not allow the crossing to reach Anakao.


How to get there

From the village of Anakao about 40km from Toliara you can be transported by canoe with Vezo fishermen or take a boat organised by hotels in Anakao.


Where to stay

The Hotel Lalandaka organizes excursions to Nosy Ve. Its bungalows are built in the style of an ecolodge embracing simplicity, well-being, integration and respect for the surrounding nature. You can also stay at Anakao Ocean Lodge.


Where to eat

For a boat trip organised by Hotel Lalandaka, a cook is on board. Shelters are installed on the island and succulent dishes are prepared. Local canoeists can also prepare dishes with fresh fish and rice.


What to see

Many will come from afar only to observe and photograph the rare birds. As Nosy Ve is an island, you can also stroll, swim and snorkel or kitesurf with the safety of a boat nearby.

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