Off the Beaten Track in Nosy Mitsio

Off the beaten track in Nosy Mitsio

In an authentic and heavenly setting, Nosy Mitsio is an extraordinary and remote destination located about 50km from Nosy Be with a wealth of exceptional natural attractions both on land and at sea.. Besides landscapes of rare beauty, the archipelago offers swimming in water with a temperature around 25 to 30 °C.

Tsarabanjina, the first attraction of any visit to the archipelago, is particularly loved by divers. If you want to explore the seabed, you can follow your passion with little worry about sea predators as the coast is protected by a large coral barrier. You can, also, go for walks in the island's lush vegetation.

A stay on this archipelago will provide an opportunity to get in touch with the people in the Antakarana fishermen villages who will be glad to share their experience and skills with you. These are treasured moments of cultural exchange. You may also want to venture on a fishing trip in the waters called 'les Quatre Frères', the Four Brothers.

Off the beaten track in Nosy Mitsio

The Grand Mitsio with its long sandy beaches is a great place to rest after climbing Nosy Ankarea, the highest point in the archipelago. 

Do not forget to make a detour to Nosy Sakatia, the Island of Orchids .

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Useful Information


When to go

Just like in Nosy Be, the rainy season extends from November to April on Nosy Mitsio. The dry season - from May to October - is the best time to schedule your stay.


How to get there

The Mitsio archipelago is ideally visited via a boat trip departing from Nosy Be. Rent a boat (catamaran, speedboat) from Hell Ville operators.


Where to stay

If you plan to spend the night on the archipelago of Mitsio, arrange your trip so that you end your day in Tsarabanjina. Stay at Constance Tsarabanjina Lodge, atz Sakatia Lodge or in Hell Ville, at Palm Beach, Nosy Be Hotel, the Villa Perle Noire, Home Sakalava or at the Villa Tsirambesa.


Where to eat

On Nosy Mitsio, seafood is popular. You can order a picnic lunch from your hotel. You will also enjoy hearty meals in Tsarabanjina, as well as in Sakatia. Nearly all the hotels offer a restaurant service.


What to see

With beautiful beaches, Nosy Mitsio also offers amazing spots for lovers of fishing and scuba diving.

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