Nosy Kalakajoro the Highest Island of the Radama Archipelago.

Nosy Kalakajoro is the highest island of the Radama archipelago.

Nosy Kalakajoro is the highest island of the Radama archipelago. A protected archipelago at an altitude of 47 metres, it became, in 2007, the National Park of the Radama Sahamalaza islands . Nosy Kalakajoro is located in the Mozambique Channel, about 100km south of Nosy Be.

The landscape is simply idyllic and heavenly. A beach of rare beauty, very clear water and powdery white sand. Scuba diving enthusiasts will be dazzled by the beauty of the waters off the island. Volcanic rocks, on both sides of the beach, blend in with the decor. Finally, a coral reef borders the west side of the island.

Nosy Kalakajoro is the highest island of the Radama archipelago.

The inhabitants of the island aspecialise in shipbuilding. Pirogues and dhows are cut from simple adzes. Fishing is the other main activity of the inhabitants.

The island has kept its untouched authenticity giving the impression to visitors that time stands still.

This article was published in Prime Magazine April 2018

Useful Information


When to go

Almost constant temperature between 26 °C and 28 °C. Ideally, plan your stay between April and December.


How to get there

First reach Nosy Be by air or sea. From here, take off for Nosy Kalakajoro.


Where to stay

There is no hotel in Nosy Kalakajoro. But the beach awaits campers. Or return to sleep in Nosy Be, Nosy Saba or Nosy Iranja, a nearby island. Another possibility is to rent a luxury villa with the services of an upmarket hotel at 'Home Madagascar'. On the hotel side, the Nosy Be Hotel Resort & Spa offers a quality service with a spa, fitness centre and outdoor pool.


Where to eat

It's possible to eat traditional cuisine in the village or to order dishes in the restaurants for the beach. Take a picnic to make the most of the glorious white sand.


What to see

Discover the other islands that form the archipelago: Nosy Berafia (the largest of the Radama Islands), is a beautiful folk island with its red soil and its people whose livelihood depends on fishing and making of canoes. Nosy Antanimora, fishing village and sand lagoon. And finally, Nosy Valiha, with its charm of untouched nature (banana, mango, tamarind and mangrove).

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