Composed of two islets (Nosy Iranja Be and Nosy Iranja Kely) linked by a long white sandy spit, Iranja is one of the most stunning beaches in the world. Iranja Be shelters a fishing village while the more secluded Iranja Kely, is where the green turtles come to nest. Turtles can be seen even from a distance. At high tide, turquoise water separates the two islets, which have a total area of 79 hectares. Iranja is also a site where you can observe, by diving, rays, whales, white sharks and blue whales. The area between Nosy Iranja and the Comoros is home to Cœlacanthes, prehistoric fish.
An old lighthouse prefabricated in France by Gustave Eiffel in 1900 is still standing on Iranja Be. From there, you will have a breathtaking aerial view of the sea and the entire Nosy Be archipelago.
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Useful Information


When to go

North-west Madagascar enjoys a sunny climate all year round with an almost constant temperature of 26°C to 28°C. Visit Nosy Iranja between April and October. The best time for snorkelling is between May and September.


How to get there

Take a flight from Air Madagascar/ Tsaradia to Nosy Be.  The adventure starts when you take the boat from Hell Ville, on your way, you will discover  Nosy Antsoha, Ankazoberavina and the Ankivonjy Rock before arriving to the beautiful island called Nosy Iranja.  Nosy Iranja is 48km south-west of Nosy Be taking around 1hr 30mins by speed boat.


Where to stay

Most people just come for the day but you can stay on the other side of the village in beachside edo- huts at the Zahir Lodge. In Nosy Be, you can book at Ecolodge Nature Sauvage, Hotel Home Madagascar, Nosy Be Hotel & Spa, Nosy Saba Island Resort & Spa, Sakatia Lodge, Vanila Hotel & Spa or Hotel Valiha.


Where to eat

You can eat on the beach on Nosy Iranja with a al fresco food cooked by Chez Olivia on the far side of the village. On Nosy Be, the restaurant of Nosy Be Hotel Resort & Spa offers specialities based on fresh and organic products. Also try Chez Nono or The Ravinala Restaurant.


What to see

Explore the beach, swim in the turquoise water and browse for local souvenirs on the beach. If you're lucky, designated guardians may allow you to observe the laying of eggs and hatching of hawksbill and green turtles. Nosy Iranja is popular for dive tours and is a designated protected marine site.

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