Visit the city of Morondava

Morondava is one of the most visited destinations in Madagascar. It is located in the west of the island, about 700 km from the capital Tananarive, with a 10-hour drive on the RN34 and RN35.
Morondava has been frequented since the 17th century by foreign sailors and traders. A village of fishermen, built on a sandbank, it is known until the late 19th century under the name of Nosy Miandroka. In the 19th century, Morondava became a landing point for Makoa slaves, of African origin, and transit before their re-expedition to the Southwest and inland. Early 20th century the fishing village became a big village, an advanced military post under the French Protectorate.
On July 16, 1932, the Governor-General of the Colony decided, by decree, to create the commune of Morondava, then to make it an elected municipality on June 6, 1939. The inhabitants of the Menabe region are called the Sakalava and has ceremonial royal bathing relics and Sakalava necropolises. The Sakalava necropolis is a funeral art status that can be seen on all four sides of the sculpted tombs in the form of couples. For the bath of royal relics, the ancient Sakalava kings held absolute power that they drew from the worship of "Dady" or "Jiny", symbolic remains of the deceased kings. According to Sakalava legend, a king had the initiative to bathe the bones of these ancestors in the Tsiribihina to appease their wrath and thus eradicate the long and worrying drought that had plagued his kingdom.
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Useful Information


When to go

Morondava has a desert climate. During the year, the average temperature in Morondava is 26 ° C and the precipitation is average, so to visit Morondava the dry period, adequate for your visit, is the months of March to December.


How to get there

Airlines: Air Madagascar and Madagascar Airways offer a direct flight from the capital to the city of Morondava, which lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.


Where to stay

The West Coast Rosewood is the largest 4-star hotel in Morondava, the Baobab Cafe which is one of the best standings. The Renala Golden Sand which has very original bungalows built in wood. At Maggie's with its swimming pool and its very economistic environment, Les Bougainvilliers with the sea view and its very spacious environment.


Where to eat

Corail, Bleu Soleil at Patricia for flavours and local specialities including seafood.


What to see

If you are in Morondava do not forget to go to the famous Baobab Alley, park Kirinde Mitea next to the Andranomena Special Reserve; there you will find bat shelters and waterfowl.

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