The Beauty of the Midongy National Park

The beauty of the Midongy National Park

Southern Midongy is one of the most beautiful places you can visit and explore with the help of good guides.

The South Midongy National Park is located in the south ast part of Madagascar about 90 kms from Vaingaindrano and 42kms from Befotoka in the Atsimo-Atsinana Region, 872kms from Antananarivo. It covers 192,198 hectares, with Mount Papango as the highest point.

The National Park Midongy Befotaka became the 9th National Park of Madagascar in 1997. Several streams and rivers flow to the south of Midongy. The most important is the Itomampy.

The Midongy Befotaka National Park is home to a wide variety of birds. The Centropus Toulou, a bird species endemic to Madagascar, flies over the beautiful park. Birdwatchers can also come across the Meuse forest bird species, the Scaly Ground Roller. This park also serves as a refuge for several varieties of lemurs and species of reptiles.

The beauty of the Midongy National Park

The Midongy Befotaka forest is populated by ebony and rosewood, 48 species of ferns and medicinal plants. The leaves of Mystroxylon aethiopicum are used to treat wounds. The sap of the Medinilla is used against coughs and helps soothe an upset stomach.

Useful Information


When to go

It's a mountain climate, cool and wet with no dry season.


How to get there

It is recommended to use a robust 4x4 vehicle. Start in Antananarivo, take the RN7 until Ambohimahasoa, then the RN25 to Irondro. You then continue on RN12A until Vangaindrano and take the RNT18 until Midongy in South Befotaka.


Where to stay

The Park does not yet have a reception infrastructure. Visitors sometimes bring their own camping gear. Around the park, you can stay in very modest accommodation.. There are also mid-range hotels. Otherwise, you will have to go up to Farafangana and stay at the Austral Hotel, Coco Beach.


Where to eat

If you decide to stay in South Midongy, take food for your stay. Or local products such as rice, chicken, dry legumes and potatoes can be purchased. There is a limited selection of restaurants.


What to see

You will see birds, reptiles, endemic lemurs. The Midongy region of the south of Befotaka knows the peaceful coexistence of two ethnic groups, the Bara and the Antaisaka, who are respectively animal breeders and farmers.

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