Explore the new Protected Area "Mandena"

Mandena, translated as "wet", is a conservation area 6 km north of the peninsula of Fort Dauphin. Authentic and discreet, it offers you the luxury of a harmonious landscape where nature is the key word.
Its unique flora and fauna have earned it the title of "new protected area" which henceforth announces the colour. Its diverse ecosystem is of interest to researchers around the world. Mandena has become an ecological research centre with nurseries and seed processing; it houses a research laboratory and an ecological restoration experimentation site.
Mandena offers an incomparable natural spectacle on an area of 430 hectares. You will discover however, the 414 plant species that cover the area in its entirety. Come and meet the 44 species of birds of all colours, their song will soothe you along your visit. The astonishment will be at the rendezvous with the 40 species of reptiles, a variety that we rarely meet in this life. The 23 species of amphibians will surprise you just as much.
Its faunistic richness confers alone an undeniable charm. Birds, reptiles, amphibians, lemurs and micromammals coexist in a spacious coastal forest.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine January 2018

Useful Information


When to go

Mandena is a city with significant rainfall, summer is characterised by abundant rainfall. As a result, winter is safer for the new dry protected area. From June to November, the rain will not spoil your trip.


How to get there

You have two options to reach Fort Dauphin. Take a flight to Antananarivo with Air Madagascar to reach Fort Dauphin. The other option is to drive Antananarivo-Toliara by taking advantage of unique landscapes and the courtesy of an authentic population. To complete the journey, drive the 6- kilometre drive from Fort Dauphin to Mandena, a challenging track that will be rewarded upon arrival.


Where to stay

Finding a good hotel in Fort Dauphin is not difficult, a multitude of choices are available to you according to your needs. La Marina, La Croix du Sud and Dauphin hotels are available with their own charm and speciality. Facing the sea, you have Hotel Talinjoo. The Port Hotel, or the Azura Hotel will offer you a dream holiday.


Where to eat

If you like seafood, an address: at Richard's. For fans of French cuisine, come to Marcelline's. And to discover the Malagasy cuisine and that of the rest of the world, the choice is multiple: at Vivie, at Perline or at Georges ...


What to see

Your eyes will be dazzled by the small mammals of Mandena, 6 different species are waiting for you. For an even more pleasant time, you will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the 6 species of lemurs existing in this area.

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