Visit Macolline: an Ecotourism Experience second to none

Antalaha, the city of vanilla, is the pivotal place of the SAVA region in the north of Madagascar. Its name derives from the era of sailing-ships which implored (mitalaho) passage through the barrier of reefs offshore. Here Madagascans have built an exceptional site, that combines the environmental, education and tourism aspects: welcome to "Macolline"!
The objective of this private reserve of 10ha, is to facilitate the observation of the native rainforests species of the north-east coast of Madagascar. A leprosarium administered by an association founded and chaired by Marie-Hélène KAM HYO is linked to this destination.
Macolline is located along the Ankavanana River more precisely at the entrance to the city of Antalaha from Sambava just after the Ambinany bridge. It is an environmental education centre with nurseries and reforestation spots. There are more than 600 species including those found in Masoala and Marojejy, composed of precious and semi-precious woods and fruit trees. The most known are ebony, rosewood, rosewood and ficus
In the context of reforestation maintained by Macolline, plant maintenance is very important; that's why in 2010 the APM or Macolline Protection Association was founded. This association supports activities like training guides and developing educational programmes for students and visitors. Environmental protection and ecotourism are literally working hand in hand here. Last not least Macolline’s most recent achievement: the discovery of a new endemic species: "Lamariée". It got its name since its flowers are resembling a wedding crown: “La Mariée” is French for "The Bride".
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Useful Information


When to go

The flowering period of the Clerodendrum Kamhyoae "Lamariée" lasts from the end of April till the end of June. The climate in Antalaha is tropical with an average temperature of 24.7 ° C and frequent rainfalls.


How to get there

Take a regular flight from Air Madagascar Company from Antananarivo to Sambava, the vanilla capital. You will then have to travel 80 km to the south, 1H30mn journey to reach Antalaha. If you are more adventurous, go by car through Antananarivo-Ambondromamy (RN4), turn right (RN6) then follow the rougher RN5A from Ambilobe until you reach your destination, total distance: 1450km.


Where to stay

The Ocean Momo or Hazovola Hotel are most recommended to stay in Antalaha. The Villa Malaza located at the entrance of the city and the Hotel Vitasoa, in the city centre are good places for an average budget.


Where to eat

To stimulate your taste buds, try Cap Est Restaurant, Florida Restaurant, Chez Joice or Lotus. And also the above mentioned hotels of course. There is always a lot of fresh fish on the menu.


What to see

The adventurous might like to take a ride in a dugout canoe, while the ‘bon viveur’ prefers to enjoy a fresh fruit on the hilltop and a magnificent view over the mouth of the river.

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