Take a Trip to Lokaro Bay

Lokaro Bay

Turquoise water and fine sand beach coves where waves come crashing over rocks. Welcome to Lokaro Bay, a site still preserved from mass tourism

While staying in Fort Dauphin, enjoy a visit to the Lokaro Bay, located 40km away. Your getaway will begin via a 4x4 from the town of Fort Dauphin to the shores of Lake Lanirano. You then browse the river mangroves observing beautiful birds to reach the fishing village of Evatra. After a few hours walk you will come to Lokaro Bay through stunning deserted coves.

The Bay of Lokaro is known for these coves for swimming or diving. Take a boat trip through the marshes and canals where you'll discover varied vegetation such as, 'elephant ears', pandanus, reeds.You can also snorkel and surf.

Lokaro Bay

The fishermen you will meet and who will greet you on the way will not fail to offer you grilled seafood. You can stay a day or more on the Bay of Lokaro in an ecolodge.

Useful Information


When to go

It is best to go to Lokaro Bay between July and November during the dry season.


How to get there

You can travel to Fort Dauphin with Air Madagascar's regular flights that depart from Antananarivo. From Fort Dauphin, you need an off-road 4x4 to reach Lanirano Lake. You then take a boat to Lokaro Bay. It's recommended to go through a tour operator or resort and have a certified guide to organise the trip.


Where to stay

Pirate Camp is an ecolodge on Lokaro Bay. Solar panels power the rooms and terraces, as well as the water pumps. The rooms in local materials are rustic, with quality bedding. Tents with mattresses and sheets are available for groups or large families.


Where to eat

The manager of the Pirates Camp will cook seafood dishes and grills. You won't forget his wonderful pancakes and homemade bread for breakfast. Fishermen can also offer you various seafood.


What to see

Far from civilization, enjoy nature, the sea and all the riches they contain. The Pirates Camp also offers various activities including watersports such as surfing and kitesurfing.

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