Reconnect with nature in the special reserve of the peak of Ivohibe

Counting the number of the most prestigious hiking destinations in Madagascar, the special Reserve of the peak of Ivohibe was created in 1964. On this incredible land of endemism, you will be able to meet several rare specimens.
Located in the heart of a forest corridor of 180 km, the Special Reserve of Ivohibe’s has an ecosystem and biodiversity that makes the dreams of nature lovers. This site consists of two distinct habitats including low forest with an altitude of less than 900m and an average altitude between 900 and 1700 m. due to its great wealth, the reserve lends itself, particularly to various hikers and adventures.
The fauna is represented by amphibians, reptiles, birds and of course endemic lemurs of the big island. The walks are also an opportunity to admire colorful plants species and other rare varieties.

In this authentic exotic paradise, the surprise and wonder pairs up with discoveries. Have you ever met the smaller lemurs in the world? The special reserve of Ivohibe’s peak is home to the famous Microcebus rufus, who will impress you by their beauty. At the corner of trails, you will also come across the iconic, recognizable by its ringed tail, Madagascar Maki.

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Useful Information


When to go

The special reserve of Ivohibe’s peak is subject to two types of climates: tropical humid on the eastern side and a warm climate on the West side. The dry season and fresh ranging from June to October is the perfect climate for a visit, but it is also quite possible to go throughout the year. For information, the special reserve of Ivohibe’s peak is open to visitors every day of the year, except on Sundays. Opening hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays.


How to get there

Departing from Antananarivo, you need to pass by Fianarantsoa by the national road 7 (Bush-taxi at the bus station Fasan’ny Karana). Then take the fork to Ihosy, with distance of about 110 km, will lead to Ivohibe. The track, a secondary road which is in a very bad condition, ideally suitable for off-road vehicles.


Where to stay

Most hikes in the reserve of Ivohibe’s peak have for starting point, the Tsara Camp. It’s the nearest address to the park and the most appropriate for a good meal. For a more than a day visit, plan camping since you will spend the night under the stars. At Ambalavao, hotels in bougainvillea and the Residence of the Betsileo provide quality services, whether in terms of accommodation or catering.


Where to eat

To fully enjoy your visit in the reserve of Ivohibe’s peak, we recommend a small picnic basket.


What to see

Other attractions are on this axis of the national road N°7. The Andringitra national park with “Pic Boby”, its high peak, is also at your fingertips. If you go back to Antananarivo, make a stop at Ranomafana’s national park and enjoy a spa water therapy.

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