Visit IHSM museum (marine museum) in Tulear

Toliara, in Malagasy, or Tulear, in French, is a city located in the extreme south of Madagascar. At nearly 1,000 km from the Malagasy capital, the main tribes of this city are Antandroy, Masikoro, Vezo and Mahafaly.
City of the fisherman, Toliara hosts within it the Marine Museum called the IHSM (Institute Halieutic and Marine Sciences), of which the heir of the marine station of Tuléar founded in 1961. The IHSM was created as a result of the merger of 3 entities: the Marine Station, the Applied Oceanology sector and the Higher Fisheries Training Unit. Its mission is Training and Research in Marine Science, Fisheries and Aquaculture, Marine and Coastal Environment.
The museum's researchers are working on techniques contributing to the management of aquatic and halieutic resources in the context of climate change. Compared to the understanding of the marine environment, he also works on marine biology which focuses on the ethno-biological study of turtle populations in Madagascar.

Marine biotechnology is part of the research for the valorization of fishing by-products. This museum is open to everyone because the marine riches of Madagascar are exposed. In terms of flora you will discover the three classes of macroalgae with the 12 species of green algae (Chlorophyceae), 7 species of brown algae (Pheophyceae) and 15 species of red algae (Rhodophyceae) including that which is grown by the Vezo fishermen on the Southwest coast. For the marine fauna "538" individuals are divided into nine branches and are permanently exposed to the museum.

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Useful Information


When to go

The temperatures are pleasant all year round in Toliara. Average temperatures range from 25 ° (June) to 29 ° (January). We recommend the months of May, June, July, August, September, October to visit Toliara.


How to get there

Regular flight of Air Madagascar is yours to come to Toliara from the Capital. But to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, the best is to go by car. If you do not have a vehicle, it is possible to rent one.


Where to stay

Caliente Beach Lodge, a hotel located on the beach of Ankilibe, 20kms from the Oceans Museum Rabesandratana. Hotel Amazone: a hotel with 23 rooms with unspeakable comfort, located on Lyautei Boulevard. Hotel Victory Tuléar: it is located in Andabizy. The hotel Princesse du Lagon with its rooms by the sea.


Where to eat

At Freddy's, you can order typical dishes from the region. Lakana Sugar is one of the good restaurants in the region. You can also try the BLU, bar restaurant, Corto Maltesse & Bo Beach Bar restaurant, or the Etoile de Mer.


What to see

Go spend a few days in Anakao. For this you will have to take the boat in the morning and spend at least one night on site. Anakao is a 'seaside resort' located about 40 km south of Tulear. The village of Anakao is a Vezo village that has remained authentic despite tourism that has been developing slowly for twenty years.

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