Visit Ifaty and Meet the Vezo Fishermen

Ifaty and the Vezo fishermen

About 30km north of Tuléar, you will find Ifaty, meaning 'the corpse'. Consisting of small fishing villages, the site shelters spots of a rare beauty. Your visit to the region will allow you to discover the way of life of the Vezo people.

Ifaty is considered to be one of the best beach resorts in Tuléar. The region owes its reputation to its lagoon. The latter hides a coral reef under its waters running along the coast for 100km.

Explore the underwater landscape of Ifaty in one of the best diving spots of south west Madagascar including the Rose Range and the Coral Garden. Here you will find scorpion fish, stone fish, torpedo and stingrays.

Going further into the passes, you will come to exceptionally rich sites such as Juliet Grotto, Cathedral or Akio. Here you can swim with many different and exotic species of fish (grouper, glass fishes, etc.).

Ifaty and the Vezo fishermen

In addition to enjoying its beaches and its coral reef, Ifaty is a place to visit the Vezo  fishermen.

To appreciate the existance of this semi-nomadic people, treat yourself to a canoe trip and go from village to village. Be sure to visit Ambotsibotsike.

Here, these people of the sea with their sense of exemplary hospitality, will share their daily lives, an experience that is as enriching as the discoveries among the coral reef running along the coast.

Useful Information


When to go

Ifaty enjoys a desert climate. The average temperature is 25.3°C while precipitation remains low. For the best temperatures choose a period between May and November.


How to get there

From Tuléar, Ifaty is about 30km to the north (30 minutes by car). You can even make the trip by quad or by mountain bike. The other option is to board a boat in Tuléar to travel along the coast of the Canal de Mozambique.


Where to stay

Ifaty offers quality accommodation. Les Dunes de l'Ifaty welcomes you in an idyllic setting. The Hotel Poseidon Padi Resort, The Hotel Princesse du Lagon, Hotel Ifaty Beach club, Hotel Le Nautilus, and Hotel Auberge Le Jardin de Beravy are popular with holidaymakers. You can also spend the night in Mangily at the Hotel Solidaire Mangily.


Where to eat

You can eat well at most hotels. However, at Chez Freddy, you can order typical dishes from the region. Lakana Sucre is also one of the best restaurants in the area. In Tuléar city, try the BLÛ bar restaurant, Corto Maltese & Bo Beach Bar Restaurant, L'Etoile de Mer.


What to see

The seaside resort of Mangily is a must. Plan a visit to the Natural Reserve of Reniala, a site renowned for the richness of its biodiversity. To the north of Ifaty is Andavadoaka and Salary, places appreciated for their peace and beauty.

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