Emerald Sea, simultaneously calm and surprising

The Emerald Sea is a lagoon in Madagascar located at the entrance to the bay of Diego-Suarez, in the far north of the country. It is also called the wonder of Madagascar.
Emerald Sea is characterised by a turquoise hue due to its shallow depth in water coupled with a sandy bottom and is separated from the Indian Ocean by a coral reef and a chain of islets. On the site, the practice of sea sports of aquatic and nautical activities is the most loved of visitors.
The coral reef is one of the largest lagoons in Madagascar whose wind direction makes it an exceptional site for windsurfing and kitesurfing, especially during the Varatraza season, from April to October. However, kitesurfing is the most practiced because the conditions are favourable, because the wind is constantly blowing every day and oscillates between 20 to 40 knots. To prove that the best place for kitesurfing is the Emerald Sea there is the upcoming arrival of Alexandre Caizergues; triple speed world champion in kitesurfing, and also the first man in the world to cross the wall of 100 km / h on water and the current world speed record holder in kitesurfing at the Emerald Sea. He was on vacation in Diego Suarez with his companion, Marie Desandre Navarre, herself vice world champion of speed kitesurfing in 2012.
Besides water sports the outstanding features of its landscape, its rich seabed and the exceptional extent of the lagoon make it a seaside resort of the most visited in northern Madagascar. It is not uncommon, in fact, thanks to the clarity of its waters to see Manta rays or marine turtles evolving freely in their natural environment.
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Useful Information


When to go

The climate at the Emerald Sea is very mild. For your visits, the months of December-January- February is the pleasant moment because it is the wet season. On the other hand for the practitioners of nautical sport the ideal is the months of April to October; the moment when the Varatraza, wind is not so rough.


How to get there

Access to the Emerald Sea is by boat from Diego Suarez or from the small village of Ramena a few kilometress north of the city. You can reach Ramena by taxi, or bush taxi.


Where to stay

Just an hour from the city of Diego by boat, the hotel of the city can welcome you such as the Grand Hotel de Diégo, the Allamanda Hotel, Mantalasy Kitesurfing Hotel.


Where to eat

The restaurants of Diego offer you the delights and the marvels of the cuisine of the north of Madagascar as La Bodega, with its seafood specialities, the restaurant GG Lamour with its European specialities.


What to see

Visit Thunder Bay and also the island of Diégo where there are humpback whales. Nosy Antallibe,` an island that contains the wonders of fauna and flora of Diego.

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