Enjoy A Stay Rich In History At Cap Diego

 For your next stop in northern Madagascar, please book Cap Diégo in your program. This small point of land which land into the sea, has played a major role in the birth and expansion of the city which is now known as Diégo-Suarez (Antsiranana).
Initially a plain for livestock, Cap Diégo became a garrison for the French army at the beginning of the twentieth century. According to the colonial magazines of the time, the choice to settle there was quite obvious since this peninsula has the best assets for defense against the invaders. The tourist side of Cape Diégo has been highlighted since 1929 with top-of-the-range excursions.
In Cap Diégo, military remains left by the French administration are like, almost intact airfield, traces of hangars and remains of anti-aircraft defense systems, that still attract many historians and curious enthusiasts. The climbing of the rock overlooking the sea is one of the main activities that should not be missed under any circumstances. To go even further, slip into the cave to discover hidden treasures that do not exist elsewhere. And if the ubiquitous heat in the area makes you uncomfortable, refresh yourself in one of the deserted coves!
Immortalize your getaway by photographing the Montagne des Français, the Montagne d’Ambre, the Château Windsor or the whole of the town of Antsiranana, a Malagasy name attributed to Diego Suarez, from this point of view.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine June 2017

Useful Information


When to go

In Cap Diégo, the tropical climate with fairly heavy precipitation in summer. The average temperature is 26.5°C. The weather is milder between April and November.


How to get there

Located 45 km from Diégo-Suarez city center, Cap Diégo is reachable by car via Anamakia and Antsahampano. However, the road is not in very good condition. Thus, the boat remains the fastest way to get there. The departures of the canoes are fixed at 7h and 11h.


Where to stay

Currently, no hotel establishment is listed in Cap Diégo. So, if you want to stay longer, bivouac or camping is a good alternative. You can also pack your bags in large hotels of Antsiranana, including the Allamanda Hotel, the Petit Paradis, the Grand Hotel or the Hotel de La Poste.


Where to eat

In Cap Diégo, there is no restaurant where to sit. A picnic is recommended for your lunch.


What to see

Before reaching Cape Diégo, stop in Anamakia to discover the beauty of rice lofts of the region. Immense rice fields skillfully arranged will dazzle you. Discover also Salt fields of Madagascar in Antsahampano, in the "Cul de sac Welsh". The Windsor Castle with the beautiful view it offers, is among the must see destination of the region.

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