Bosy Peninsula: A Corner of Calm at Menabe

Its white sandy beach, calm and serene, leaves you dreaming. Separated from the hinterland by what are known as the "five countries with seven mangrove species", the Bosy peninsula is lulled by a turquoise sea, full of fish. Its mangroves are nests where birds, chameleons, bats, fish, shrimps and crabs live. The offshore waters are ideal for deep-sea fishing or sport fishing as well as surfing. This quiet village, home to the Antimangaro and Hoimalagny families, is located 20km north of Morondava, between the Mozambique Channel and an inland lagoon. It can be accessed from Ampataka but it is quite difficult to tell when, due to the tides. But at low tide, it is possible to get there on foot through the mangrove swamp.
Antimangaro and the Hoimalagny
In this village there are descendants of two origins. They are not different by ethnicity but merely by name. The Hoimalagny are northern Vezo, whereas the Antimangaro are southern Vezo. The latter, mostly mixed (Indians, Comorians, Chinese) are mainly known as good speakers and animators. They are also considered as Sakalava Masikoro or Vezom-potaka (those who practise agriculture). The Hoimalagny are fishermen: angling, net fishing, deep-sea fishing, they are the Sakalava Vezo or Vezon-driaka (Vezo of the sea).
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Useful Information


When to go

The ideal time is between April and December. The roads are then more or less dry and easier for driving.


How to get there

Fly to Morondava city by Air Madagascar-Tsaradia. Then take the RN 8A leading to Belo/Tsiribihina. At the village of Ampataka, cross the mangrove swamp by foot to reach the pier and take a pirogue or a speedboat to the peninsula. A journey of about 3 hours. Another option is to take a canoe or speedboat directly from Morondava to the Bosy peninsula. Allow between 2 to 5 hours, depending on the tide level.


Where to stay

Equip yourself with camping kit for a unique stay in a natural environment. Don't forget the mosquito repellent lotion. If you choose to spend the night at Morondava, book at Chez Palissandre Côte Ouest, at Vezo Hôtel, at Le Lagon Bleu or at Hotel Renala.


Where to eat

Prepare a picnic basket for a visit to the Bosy peninsula or taste the dishes prepared by the local population or those in charge of the fokontany. The locals are very welcoming.


What to see

In addition to seaside tourism, take the opportunity to visit the Kirindy reserve nearby. Don't miss the sunset in the alley of baobabs on your return. A magic moment!

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