Walk in the Russian soldiers footsteps at the Bay of Russians

The Bay of Russians is a small island located between Nosy Iranja and Nosy-Be, formerly called Bay of Ambavatoby. This is not a simple holiday resort for vacationers in search of change of scenery. This place is also a witness of the Russian fleet’s journey in Madagascar in 1905 during the moment of the Russo-Japanese war.
In 1905, Russia and Japan, in their endeavor to conquer new territories, disputed the territory of Manchuria (in northeastern China). The Russian fleetlet by Admiral Rojdestvensky, pushed by the Japanese ships, took refuge in the Bay of Ambavatoby. When the Russian squadron was to leave, part of the soldiers did not want to leave the island. The ruins of the Bay of Russians are the witnesses of the historical past of this piece of paradise.
Your boat tours in this area will offer some original views. If you come during the August to mid- October period, you will most likely encounter some colonies of dolphins, whale sharks, manta rays active in their natural environment. You can also watch humpback whales which have become used to swimming in the warm waters of Nosy-Be. Scout out the seabed to enjoy a unique coral reef landscape, home to many exotic fish species!
When back to land, be careful where you put your feet! The beaches at Bay of Russians shelter turtle nests. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape that takes shape on the side of its verdant mountains! If you go up the Bemaneviky River, you will observe some crocodiles from the banks or some violin crabs, these shellfish get their name from their male’s imposing forceps which look like a violin.
This article was featured in Prime Magazine July 2017

Useful Information


When to go

Thanks to its equatorial climate, Nosy-Be remains accessible throughout the year. Rainfall is rather rare and the temperature varies from 24 to 32 ° C. Plan your trip between May and October!


How to get there

You can reach Nosy-Be by air from the capital city Antananarivo. The Island of Perfumes is also connected with by air with Italy, Reunion Island or Johannesburg. If you prefer to travel by land, follow the RN4 road to Ambondromamy, then take the RN6 road to Ambanja. From there, reach Ankify and get onboard of a motorboat to join Hell-Ville.


Where to stay

When visiting the Bay of Russians, it is advised that you book your rooms in Hell-Ville, where the best accommodations are offered. You can choose between Nosy Be Hotel & Spa, Home Madagascar The Residence offering luxury residences, Vanila Hotel & Spa, The Ravintsara Wellness Hotel, Palm Beach Resort, Villas Catherine and Razambe.


Where to eat

For your escapade, the best option is to bring a picnic basket. Once in Nosy-Be, you will order local dishes. The Ravinala Restaurant at Andilana Beach Resort Hotel is renowned for professionalism and quality of services. At Café Baobab, Pily Restaurant and La Table d'Alexandre, you will eat there as if you were at home. You can also opt for a friendly ambience at Chez Tantine in Ambatoloaka.


What to see

Back to Hell-Ville? Go to the Bay of Andilana to enjoy the calm of the spot! Plan for a trip within the Nosy Be waters to discover its dream islands: Nosy Sakatia, Nosy Fanihy or the bats’ island, Nosy Komba or lemurs’ island! As you are already in the Bay of Russians, note that you are just a few miles away from Nosy Iranja.

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