Baobabs and Bay Watching

So far, 242 plant species of 58 families and 158 genres have been counted in these mountains. Zoological surveys identified 19 amphibian species, 52 reptile species, 56 birds and 21 mammals. With a distance of 1km (allow a 45 minutes stroll), this tour, which forms a loop, has just been renovated and the path has been paved with white pebbles. A first lookout offers a view over the endemic baobabs of Diego Suarez, the Adensania suarezensis, and a second one, at the very top, about 80m from the first viewpoint, allows you to see one of the most beautiful bays in the world.
This is one of the tours to the "Montagne des Français", in Diégo, north of Madagascar. The name derives from the fort built by French soldiers in 1903 within the mountain. To the delight of visitors, the renovation work, which began in 2016, was completed at the end of July 2017 and the site has been operational again since the beginning of September 2017. Thanks to the improvements made, new infrastructures facilitate the reception of tourists.
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Useful Information


When to go

Between April and October, the average temperature ranges between 25°C and 30°C. This is the ideal time to stay in the city.


How to get there

It is possible to reach Diégo Suarez by plane via the national airline companies Air Madagascar or Tsaradia, or by bush taxi.


Where to stay

We recommend the Grand Hotel Diego & Spa on Diego's main street for a comfortable stay, or the Hotel Allamanda. For a secluded beach location nearby, we also suggest the Royal Sakalava.


Where to eat

There is no shortage of addresses. "Mexicoco", is a restaurant which the ordinary locals have made their home! Coco Pizza, will satisfy pizza cravings. Otherwise, we also recommend the Grand Hotel Restaurant, Sue Giu, Tsara Be, La Mouna or Shangra Li.


What to see

The Baobab Valley Tour is one of the few in the northern region of Madagascar to be close to the city. This valley is considered to be one of the sanctuaries of floristic biodiversity of the north of Madagascar. The site Anosiravo known as "Mountain of the French", is one of the places to visit, and easily accessible. The former French military base is still present in the area.

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