Discover the salines of Antsira during a visit to Belo-sur-Mer!

Belo-sur-Mer is a city in the southwest of Madagascar where you will not get bored. You will have so many discoveries to be made that your time will seem too short. Enjoy a guided tour to see the salines of Antsira and know more about the daily life of the local population!
You cannot miss the salines of Antsira when you spend some time in Belo-sur-Mer, in the southwest of Madagascar. This small village in the Menabe region, whose name means “where there is salt”, is home to a salt processing station. You will see salt extraction ponds stretching as far as the eye can see. Under the action of the sun, the water evaporates and leaves the salt molecules in the form of crystals on the clay soil. This white gold is stored at a place that resembles to a salt desert. You will have beautiful images to immortalize.
Visiting the salines of Antsira is only one step of your stay in Belo-sur-Mer. While the fishermen deliver their catch of the day, some women start to bargain the best specimens caught by the fishermen such as the jacks, the groupers are the first to go. Your journey takes you to Ampanatera, a city located in the south of Belo-sur-Mer. You will discover a construction site for dhows and canoes; these pony canoes that make the reputation of this region.
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Useful Information


When to go

Belo-sur-Mer is one of the regions in Madagascar where it is hot all year around. The rainy season is between December and January. Temperatures oscillate between 30° C and 33° C. To spend pleasant moments in this city of the Menabe region, plan your travel there between May and September.


How to get there

The fastest way to get to Belo-sur-Mer from Morondava is by sea. Along the coast of the Mozambique Channel, you will reach your destination after 3 to 4 hours. Between July and September, you are likely to have dolphins or humpback whales as traveling companions. In dry season, the Morondava-Belo-sur-Mer trip, 600 km long and on an off-road vehicle, can be interesting.


Where to stay

For your nights in Belo-sur-Mer, stay at the Ecolodge du Menabe to replenish your energy. Hotel Entremer** and Hotel the Dauphin Vezo also have quality structures able to meet your requirements. Ampanatera Village Camp will be delighted to welcome you in an authentic setting.


Where to eat

You will eat well at your hotel. Order cooked dishes with freshly caught seafood.


What to see

After your series of discoveries in Belo-sur-Mer, ask your guide to take you to Ankevo-sur-Mer, another very popular fishermen village for its dream beaches and diving spots! The coral reef draws colorful underwater scenery along the coast. Then go through the dunes of Manahy to express your talent as a photographer. The Kirindy Mitea forest with its legendary baobabs is a must in the region.

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