Discover the beauty of the Mangrove at the Village of Antsahampano

Leading us to the province of Diégo-Suarez in the North of Madagascar (DIANA region), this tour allows to discover the mangrove of the West coast of Madagascar. This mangrove plays a vital role in protecting the land against erosion and at the same time serves as a nursery for many marine species.
A former colonial trading post, the village of Antsahampano and its port are embedded in the heart of a huge mangrove forest. According to the tides, an exploration of the mangrove mazes is done by canoe, completed by a walking tour between these trees, both terrestrial and aquatic. Plan with 8 hours to discover the place. The starting-point will be at the end of the track that crosses the plantations of the Sambirano river to reach the sea.
During this hike, you will be offered to participate in a mangrove reforestation session. Possibility of continuing to discover cocoa plantations, coffee, vanilla and perfume plants. Lunch can be taken at site, expect traditional fishing products prepared by the women of the Tsy Kivy Association. Their menu consists of Malagasy dishes (crab sauce, fried fish with rice) and fruits for dessert. The women also present local handicrafts and agriculture products, while listening to their traditional songs and dances will enliven your visit. The return will be at dusk accompanied by the fragrance of fragrant plants.
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Useful Information


When to go

The climate is tropical in the valley of Sambirano, which provides the important precipitations (approximately 2m per year). The dry season is quite short and average temperature is 26° C. To make the most out of this trip, avoid the floods and plan your getaway between April and November.


How to get there

The river is in the Diana region of Ambanja. To reach this city, take the plane, disembark at Arrachart de Diégo airport, then continue by car. Embark on a canoe or boat to cross the river.


Where to stay

To rest after your crossing, join Ambanja and stay at the hotel "Palma Nova" or "Bungalow Restaurant Hermes" or "La Timonière". If you want to enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Malagasy, stay with the locals in their villages located on the banks.


Where to eat

The best option is to sit and eat in the small restaurants run by the locals or to enjoy the dishes prepared by the association Tsy Kivy.


What to see

Many small villages are settled on the banks of Sambirano. Count among others are Ambobaka, Marotolona or Antsirasira. Also visit the Ambato Peninsula and the Ambohidravy Forest Reserve. The city of Ambanja and the port of Ankify are also worth a visit.

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