Discover Antotorogno - fishing village and lemurs

Antotorogno is one location deriving its great value in the tourism field in Madagascar passing through Nosy Komba; the villagers still practice harpoon fishing , and let’s not forget the various lemurs that overrun this district.
Known for its surrounding islands, in Nosy Be, go to Nosy Komba which houses Antotorogno village: the fishing village.
This village deserves the detour, with many interesting aspects of Nosy Komba Island. Thriving in nature and rich in beauty make the village an essential address during a visit to Nosy Be island. Having strengths beyond dispute, harpoon fishing is practiced by more than 90% of the men of the village. Besides its aquatic riches, Antotorogno also contains rare species of fauna and flora, and the last baobabs of Komba Island.
Today, the baobab tour is a new destination for all those who want to enjoy trekking. Recommended for trekking or hiking enthusiasts. Rich in uphill paths, this circuit leads to a belvedere of 200m altitude. The panoramic view from this point is exceptional, a view that can reach up to Nosy Faly ... sensations guaranteed. The duration of the visit is on average 1 hour from Antotorogno village. One of the specific characteristics of the site is also traditional medicine: the "hotra" or massage which makes it possible to treat certain diseases and specifically fractures and sprains, using compositions of leaves as medication. This method of treatment is recognised by the Ministry of Health through the associations of "tradi-practitioners"; a gift that is handed down to family.
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Useful Information


When to go

Season similar to Nosy Be, the season is tropical warm throughout the year, with a warm and rainy season from November to April; the best time to spend a holiday is therefore between the months of May and October.


How to get there

Access to Antotorogno by boat, connections to the port of Nosy Komba in Hellville to the village, departures are from 07:00.


Where to stay

Four hotels are present in Nosy Komba and ready to warmly welcome you, namely Maki Lodge, Floral Hotel, Tsara Komba and Jardin Vanille.


Where to eat

To eat, these four hotel venues have their culinary strengths; Hotel Floralies specialises in Malagasy and French cuisine. Hotel Jardin Vanille offers a mix of local products with refined gourmet cuisine.


What to see

The Antotorogno village in Nosy Komba has many attrations. Various lemurs are present and will not hesitate to come on your shoulders. Do not forget the superb hikes that offer exceptional views over the surrounding panorama. The most courageous will reach its summit (Antaninaomby 621m) in 5h to 6h and will offer a panorama of 360 ° on the whole archipelago of Nosy Be and the coast of Malagasy, for nearly 300km.

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