Discover Antalaha, the world capital of vanilla!

 The peaceful city of Antalaha was once inhabited by fishermen. Everything changed at the end of the 19th century when vanilla, a variety of orchid with vines, was introduced in 1905 in the Sava region – composed of Sambava, Antalaha, Vohémar and Antalaha - in the northeast of the island. Things has rapidly evolved because before the Second World War, the former fishermen village was already one of the largest producers of vanilla in the world. Antalaha’s nickname has become the capital city of the green gold of Madagascar.
A visit to a vanilla treatment center can be found in the list of your outings in Antalaha. You will find out on the spot what steps the pods must pass through before they can be packed and exported. When visiting the plantations, the farmers will show you how to fertilize this plant if your trip takes place between September and December.
Your stay will take you to the big dhow construction site in the city. You will notice that the boats are made in the same style as the dhows of Arab sailors. Then walk along the beach to enjoy the fresh sea air! You will see the dinghies and the canoes passing by. What clichés to immortalize! The beaches of Ambodikakazo and Ampahagna are also suitable for swimming.
The city of Antalaha is constantly animated. A swing by the market, on Tuesday or on Thursday, or a bike ride in the different neighborhoods will allow you to feel the pulse of this coastal city. 
This article was featured in Prime Magazine July 2017

Useful Information


When to go

The climate in Antalaha is tropical humid type with higher rainfall in high altitude. On the north and north-east slopes, these precipitations are not regular. To get the most out of the wonders of this city, you can go there between April and May or between September and December.


How to get there

To reach Antalaha, you can take a regular flights to Sambava then reach your destination by bus. Or else, take a car trip from Tana to Antalaha. Your 1340 km long trip can last up to 17 hours.


Where to stay

Once in Antalaha, Hotel Akavana Lodge, Hotel Hazovola (ex-Palissandre), Hotel Ocean Momo, and Hotel Villa Malaza offer a friendly atmosphere where you will find a comfort to the level of your expectations. The owners of Villa Malaza put in place many activities to make your stay unforgettable.


Where to eat

The coastal city of Antalaha is also known for its gastronomy. To taste local dishes, go to Chez Maman Eross, Jeannick Gargote, or Chez Joice. Restaurant Cap-Est also offers quality services.


What to see

A few kilometers away from Antalaha, you will find the Park of Andranoanala. The site, with its 1,300 hectares of land, is home to luxury vegetation; the landscape of this reserve will leave you speechless. The hills of Vinany overlooking the Ankavanana (Right) River is a must. Trekking enthusiasts will find their happiness in this site which is considered as a botanical conservatory.

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