Take a trip to Anjofo Waterfall

29 kms north of Ranohira in the region of Androy in the south of Madagascar, is the majestic Anjofo Fall, where the flow of water whispers in your ears. The flora and fauna found there also represent the richness of the place.
Anjofo as it’s indicated comes from the sound of the stream of water "jouuuf", and which also reminds us of the sound of the waterfall. To get to your destination, you have to walk 5 kms for almost 2 hours and a half, a walk that will be worth it as you can admire a varied landscape. A 3 km alley marks the beginning of the visit (from the fork at Antsifotra). Once at the destination one meets the famous Anjofo Waterfall with its freshness and its beach animated by the cries of bats.

A wonderful swim is promised, especially around 11:30, where the sun offers beautiful rays to admire the surroundings and the landscape. A dream come true. The bright red colour of the stones accentuates the splendour of the place. Besides the swimming at the Anjofo Waterfall one can also see species of reptiles and lemurs like the Propithecus which are present in abundance. One can also admire ombrophile vegetation. Different kinds of orchids are endemic in Madagascar. Finally, a crossing of the Menamaty River, will be unforgettable.

This article was featured in Prime Magazine November 2017

Useful Information


When to go

The climate of Isalo is of a tropical dry type, with precipitation of 800 to 1000mm between December and March (rainy season). It is therefore preferable to go there outside this period.


How to get there

The Isalo is 700 km from the capital and is accessible only by road (private car or taxi). To reach the Anjofo Waterfall, only walking is possible.


Where to stay

Camping is possible on site, if not, big hotels like Isalo Rock, Satrana Rock and Le Jardin du Roy will welcome you in a very pleasant environment. These hotels are located 29 kms from the Fall.


Where to eat

Several restaurants are available including the Orchid and the Satrana Lodge.


What to see

Apart from the Anjofo Waterfall, the tour of the Antsifotsy Fall and the tour through Ferrata deserve the detour.

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