Anjanaharibe-Sud Reserve

Anjanaharibe reserve

The Anjanaharibe-Sud Reserve is a wildlife reserve located about thirty kilometres southwest of the city of Andapa, in the northern part of Madagascar, in the SAVA region.

It is managed by Madagascar National Parks, which has registered there 365 species of ferns, more than 30 species of palm trees and 18,500 takhtajania perrieri, an ancient tree species dating back to prehistoric times.                                            

Anjanaharibe literally means "place of the great god". Two rivers cross this park which covers 26000 ha: Marolakana and Fotsialana.

This protected area is the habitat of Propithecus Candideus or Simpona Malandy, a lemur of the Indrid family, currently in great danger of extinction.

This species is also found in the Marojejy National Park. The southern Anjanaharibe reserve also houses the lemur Indri, the Eagle snake of Madagascar and the Newtonia fanovanae, a bird of the Vangidae family.

Anjanaharibe reserve


In addition to this exceptional ecosystem, a stop at a small natural thermal spring located in this protected area is recommended.

Although the Ranomafana lies in a primary forest, traditional cults are practiced there from time to time by the Antakarana people.

This source of water plays a central role in Malagasy rituals due to its purity, its natural warmth and its therapeutic properties. These cultic practices have given a sacred character to this water, and who says sacred means respect and therefore “fady” (taboo).

In the face of the degradation of part of southern Anjanaharibe, restoration and safeguarding measures are taken.

This article was published in Prime Magazine June 2018


Useful Information


When to go

A humid tropical climate with heavy rainfalls characterises the SAVA region. The best time to visit the Anjanaharibe-Sud Reserve is between May and November, even if you can visit it all year round. The reserve is open from 6:30 to 17h. Very important: pork meat is prohibited there!


How to get there

By plane is most recommended when travelling to the region. Regular flights of Air Madagascar connect the capital Antananarivo with Sambava. From there to Andapa it is another hundred miles to go. If you choose to travel from the capital by road, the 1590 km will bring neither fun nor adventure!


Where to stay

With proper equipment you can spend the night by camping inside Anjanaharibe-Sud Reserve. Otherwise book a room in establishments of Andapa, including the hotel restaurant "Vatosoa", or hotels "Beanana" or "Riziky".


Where to eat

Picnicking on the site is very nice or go to the restaurants of the hotels named above.


What to see

Familiarise yourself with the babakoto (Indri) because there is a chance to approach them when they are in a group. Their cries will not surprise you in this dense forest. The mountainous sclerophyllous forest and montane forest are also to be seen.

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