Experience adventure in Andranomandevy Ambanja

Ambanja, an area conducive to the cultivation of cocoa, vanilla, coffee and pepper, is located in the north-west of Madagascar towards Diégo Suarez. It is crossed by the famous Sambirano river. Andranomandevy is a village located about 30 km from Ambanja.
Andranomandevy literally means "where the water boils", a name taken from a thermal spring that comes out of the earth and localised to its proximity. It is a sacred place where important cults of the village take place. Hot water is particularly preserved because of its therapeutic attractions. The swamp around the thermal water serves as a niche for thousands of birds. Even animals such as the domestic zebus find nutrients there, it seems.
Andranomandevy is located on the river bank and is not easily accessible: you have to take a secondary path and cross the Sambirano in a dugout canoe and a cart to get there, an essential tour to profit from the Andranomandevy Thermal Spa resource. The village is surrounded by cocoa plantations; known for the seriousness of its producers, it is the main activity generating income to the inhabitants.
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Useful Information


When to go

Enjoy your stay better during the months of April to November, during which, precipitation is less and the climate is milder.


How to get there

You can go directly on the road from the capital to Ambanja, this is part of the adventure. Or take a national flight from Antananarivo to Nosy-Be, your adventure will begin in Ambanja.


Where to stay

The panoramic "Mitsinjo" hostel has been designed to accommodate visitors to Andranomandevy thermal water. It is classified as an eco-tourism cottage. Made in an ecological way, the change of scenery is a complete escape. In a more refined setting, the Hotel Palma Nova also offers pleasant services. The Hibiscus Hotel is more in proximity with the city of Ambanja and the various shops, it is suitable for those who enjoy interacting with people.


Where to eat

At the "Mitsinjo" Panoramic Inn, the women of the village "Toky Miray" will cook you good dishes typical of the region with local and fresh products.


What to see

Apart from the natural resource which constitutes the first attraction of Andranomandevy, the trip can also be enriched by visiting the plantations of spices, cocoa and plants, on bicycles. For adventurers, to encounter the fauna and flora of this nature reserve, whilst hiking, will do the greatest of good, a green landscape awaits throughout the journey. Bird watching is unmissable in this enchanting place.

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