Paradise Found - Îles Radama

The name Radama was that of the former Malagasy King Radama, who set out to conquer the coasts of Madagascar and was one of the first kings who wished to unify the island. Since that time, the islands have been named ‘the Radama archipelago’.
Those staying on or around Nosy Be in the north west of Madagascar should take a short trip to these islands. The archipelago of Radama consists of four islands: Nosy Kalakajoro, Nosy Berafia, Nosy Valiha et Nosy Antanimora, all in the Mozambique Channel. A visit to the Radama, where you will be rocked to the gentle rhythm of the trade winds, is a unique experience. Nature lovers, as well as those who enjoy diving and sailing, will be enchanted by the natural beauty of the scenery, with its luxurious vegetation and crystal clear lagoon. The Radama archipelago is also a true paradise for fishing.
Nosy Kalakajoro, an unspoiled uninhabited island with white sandy beaches, is the one lying the furthest to the north. A little to the south is Nosy Antanimora, an island often visited by shark fisherman, but otherwise uninhabited. Nosy Berafia, 10 km long and 3 km wide, is the largest of the group. On this island can be seen plantations of coffee, ylang ylang and pepper. You can visit the village of Mahabo and tombs of the Sakalava royal families, as well as visiting authentic little fishing villages whose populations apply traditional fishing techniques using outrigger canoes. The islands are also fringed with incredibly beautiful beaches, where you can relax and go for walks in idyllic surroundings.
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